Server-10 Plan

  • Clients per server6-10
  • Server RAM32-64 Gb
  • Server CPU2 x E5-2670
  • Disk space25 Gb
  • Data Bandwidth1000 Gb
  • CDN Bandwidth100 Gb
  • Full Dedicated Supportyes
$ 179.99

Server-5 Plan

  • Clients per server4-5
  • Server RAM32-64 Gb
  • Server CPU2 x E5-2670
  • Disk space50 Gb
  • Data usage2000 Gb
  • CDN usage200 Gb
  • Full Dedicated Supportyes
$ 349.99

Server-3 Plan

  • Clients per server2-3
  • Server RAM64 Gb
  • Server CPU2 x E5-2670
  • Disk space100 Gb
  • Data usage4000 Gb
  • CDN usage300 Gb
  • Full Dedicated Supportyes
$ 533.99

Dedicated Plan

  • Clients per server1
  • Server RAM8-128 Gb
  • Server CPU2 x E5-2670
  • Disk space300+ Gb
  • Data usage5000+ Gb
  • CDN usage50-5000 Gb
  • Full Dedicated Supportyes
From $ 800

Why Us?

Why choose our hosting solutions?

Switching from a shared web hosting to a dedicated server is not always a step companies are willing to take, but it is often a required step in the growth of your business. However, self managing any server can be a frustrating process if you don't have the necessary tools or technical experience. That's why Linux Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated Servers are a perfect fill-in between cheap unreliable Shared Hosting and Full Managed Dedicated Servers.

We only setup a few accounts per physical server and this ensures maximum performance for your website. You can enjoy the reliability and performance of a High End Dedicated Server, but for a fraction of the cost! System Administration tasks for your semi dedicated server will be taken care of by highly qualified and experience technicians. All our servers are constantly monitored and we can respond to problems within a minute of the problem happening.

It has long been known that Database-driven Websites rely heavily on three primary components: CPU, memory and hard drive. Our hosting plans have more memory, CPU power and Disk I/O than any other hosting solution. We've put a lot of effort into determining how to get the most speed, stability and security out of different CMS systems such as Magento, Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. Our hardware and software highly optimized by the most experienced team of system, network and database dadministrators.

We offer free transfer services: we'll move your website & databases from your old host and re-configure the DNS servers for you. We also offer a one week free trial hosting. You have absolutely nothing to loose. If you are not satisfied with our solutions we'll migrate your website to another hosting provider for free. Our hosting service is on a month-by-month basis. This means you do not have to pay for a year or more of service all at once and you can cancel the hosting anytime with a week notice.

We carefully screen all our customers. Our Professional Web Hosting is by invitation only. For more information, please feel free to contact us.